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Chair Throne - 98 - Black

Chair Throne - 98 - Black

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Unique furniture is created in harmony with nature. Not only beautiful, but also practical and full of care for the planet. This is what the Throne chair is like. Majestic, inviting to make yourself comfortable, and at the same time delicate and subtle. It will lovingly embrace you with its shapes and surprise you with the comfort it guarantees. The use of fully ecological, recycled and innovative materials in the production process, such as coconut mat, buckwheat husk, or fabric made from PET bottles, makes the Throne chair not only an aesthetic addition to the interior. It is an expression of awareness necessary to find balance again and feel the harmony of life in harmony with nature.


Seat – plywood with coconut mat filling, upholstered

Backrest - plywood with filling made of two layers of coconut mat and a filling made of buckwheat hulls placed between them in the lumbar part, upholstered

Base – metal, powder-coated



The furniture is delivered already assembled.


The furniture is made to order and delivery may take up to 30 business days.
The furniture is packed in one durable box, which ensures safety during transport. The packaging itself is also environmentally friendly - we use a minimum amount of plastic.


The fabric is covered with a special protective layer that creates a hydrophobic coating that protects against rapid seepage of liquids. This prevents the fabric from immediately absorbing water, causing the liquid to condense on the surface of the material. This gives us time to gently remove the spilled liquid using a soft cloth or paper towel. The effect of pilling and pilling of fabrics is a natural process and cannot be completely eliminated.

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By Michał Biernacki

Discover the new face of sustainable comfort.

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About the designer

Michał Biernacki is a talented graphic designer and illustrator from Poland. From an early age, he was passionate about visual art, which led him to study Graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts. After graduating, he started his career as a freelancer, specializing in visual identification design, book illustrations and user interface design. His works are characterized by extraordinary attention to detail, creativity and the ability to combine various styles. Michał is constantly looking for new inspirations and improves his skills to create projects that not only catch the eye, but also convey a deeper message. His portfolio includes cooperation with various clients from both Poland and abroad, which proves his versatility and flexibility in work.