Frequently Asked Questions

1. Did Iker select laminate colours in the Maple collection so that their equivalents can be found in the RAL colour chart?

Yes, Iker selected laminate colours so that they have their equivalents in the RAL colour chart.

White ‒ RAL 9003
Yellow ‒ RAL 1018
Purple violet ‒ RAL 4007
Grey ‒ RAL 7046
Green ‒ RAL 6018
Jet black ‒ RAL 9005
Red ‒ RAL 3000
Grey aluminium ‒ RAL 9007

2. What does it mean that the metal frames of Maple chairs are powder coated?
Powder coating involves applying charged powder particles onto the given surface. Such coating is resistant to corrosion, chemicals, high temperatures, and mechanical damage.

3. What qualities characterise the laminates used by Iker to coat the plywood in the Maple collection?
Laminates used to manufacture the Maple collection of furniture are resistant to very high and very low temperatures. They are easy to keep clean and their colour does not fade when exposed to light.


4. Can Maple chairs be bought only in Poland? Do you also ship abroad?
Maple chairs can be purchased both in Poland and abroad, using our online store at Customers who live abroad have their Iker furniture delivered by a courier service.

5. Does the Maple collection only include chairs and coffee tables?

No. Apart from designer chairs and coffee tables in various sizes, the Maple collection also includes modern ergonomic lounge chairs and dining tables.

6. Will modern Maple chairs harmonise with traditional interiors?

The fresh design of Maple chairs makes them go great both with modern minimalist interiors and classic decor. Everything depends on your imagination and creativity.

7. Are Maple chairs modern enough to make interiors look original and fresh for many years?
Modern Maple chairs were inspired by nature. This gave them a timeless and original form that never goes out of style. Even though the Maple chair design was created as early as 2007, it still delights critics and users alike. The chairs have also received a number of awards for their design and functionality.

8. Does IKER make furniture to order?
Iker does not make furniture to order. However, our offer includes a collection of tables, available in three sizes, as well as smaller coffee tables, also of various sizes. This makes the Iker offer complete enough for every customer to find a suitable dining table ‒ without the need to have furniture made to order.

9. Does your offer also include dining chairs?
Just like in the case of our tables, modern Maple chairs work great as comfortable kitchen, café or office seats.

10. Can Maple chairs serve as café chairs?
Of course. Maple chairs will be a great addition to the decor of every modern café. The versatility of these products is their greatest quality. We wanted to create a unique product, previously unavailable in the Polish market ‒ a light, practical, and original chair that works well in offices and cafés, but also at home. This is why Maple chairs make great café chairs.

11. Can Maple tables serve as café tables?
Just like in the case of chairs, Maple tables and coffee tables also work great as café tables. The highest quality of materials and their original design make them a unique, colourful, and above all very durable element of every place’s interior decor.

12. What sets Maple chairs apart from other, less expensive chairs available in the market?
Their versatility, timeless design, and quality. The Maple collection works great at home, as well as at cafés and in offices. We have created a collection of furniture completely unique in the Polish market that falls outside standard classifications. The design was developed by Gernot Oberfell and Jan Wertel from a London studio and very soon won recognition among both critics and design connoisseurs. Maple chairs have received a number of prestigious awards and titles, such as the 2007 Prodeco Emblem and the “Product of the Year 2008” title in the “Furniture for public interiors” category in a competition organised by the Meble Plus magazine. They were also included in the collection of the Modern Design Centre of the National Museum in Warsaw.

13. How important was the design of the Maple chair to you?
The creation of the Maple chair was a bold step in the history of Iker, which had previously been known for its upholstered furniture. This is why every single element had to be perfectly designed with attention to every detail. We have cooperated with young creative designers who have carried out their task to perfection, creating an original, unique, and at the same time very practical piece of furniture.

14. Are plywood chairs as durable as wooden chairs?
Plywood is one of the most durable and most environmentally friendly materials. Its history in the furniture industry goes back to 1886. It can be easily modelled to achieve the desired shape from just one piece. Plywood used to manufacture Maple chairs is made of the highest quality of wood from proven suppliers and durable, specialist glues. Combined with precision and care of workmanship, these qualities make our plywood chairs very durable furniture.

15. Is Polish design, which you represent, recognised worldwide?
Even though Iker is a Polish company, the design of our furniture is the result of the work of outstanding designers also from outside Poland. This applies, among others, to Maple chairs, which were created by young German designers. Still, a significant number of designers we cooperate with represent good Polish design, which is well-known outside our country, and their works have won awards in Paris, Barcelona, and New York, to mention but a few.

16. Does the online store at offer the complete collection of Maple furniture?
Yes. Our online store offers the complete Maple collection ‒ tables, coffee tables, chairs, and lounge chairs in all available colours. Moreover, it is regularly updated with information about special offers and discounts, so we encourage you to visit regularly.

17. If I buy one Maple chair, will I receive warranty?
Of course. Our warranty covers both complete sets of chairs and individual items.

18. What is the difference between Maple M04 and Maple M05?
The M04 and M05 models differ in size. M04 is a large table sized 120 x 135 x 72 cm and will work great in the kitchen or dining room; M05 is a little smaller, it is sized 89 x 81 x 72 cm.

19. What is the difference between the modern Maple lounge chair and the Maple chair presented on your website?
Maple chairs are furniture of a light and practical structure that will work great at cafés, modern restaurants, in offices, kitchens and dining rooms. Their ergonomic shape is perfectly adapted to the shape of the human body, ensuring proper position and comfort. Maple lounge chairs are a little wider, providing great conditions for leisure and relaxation, e.g. in the privacy of your home.

20. Is the Maple dining table a folding table?
All the pieces of furniture in the Maple collection are permanent structures and are not fitted with any folding mechanisms. We are certain, however, that the wide range of sizes will make it easier for you to select the most suitable solution.

21. Are Maple chairs better as dining chairs or outdoor chairs?
Maple chairs are versatile, colourful chairs that will work great both outdoors, e.g. on the terrace or patio, and indoors, e.g. in modern dining rooms. The choice of place depends solely on your ideas. However, if you place plywood chairs or lounge chairs outside, you need to remember about proper care and avoid dampness, so that they stay looking great and elegant as long as possible.

22. What does “Simply Organic” mean?
“Simply Organic” is an expression referring to our most important inspiration ‒ nature. The openwork design of the Maple chair backrest resembles a maple leaf, and the simple and at the same time versatile structure makes our furniture a timeless solution for private and public or functional interiors. Designer Maple chairs also combine the best ergonomics and slightly soft wood. These chairs undoubtedly have their own history.

23. Nowadays, furniture should be above all functional. What does this term mean and can the modern Maple furniture be called functional?
We talk about functional furniture when it fulfils its role well. Modern Maple chairs and tables were designed so as to provide a comfortable, ergonomic position to the users during work or when dining, as well as long-awaited relaxation in the privacy of their homes. They are also very durable. Thanks to these qualities, Maple furniture can be considered functional without a shadow of a doubt.

24. What distinguishes the Amara fabric used to manufacture the Mannequin chairs?

The fabric used to upholster the Mannequin chairs is a material featuring the AquaClean technology, which makes it possible to remove any stains from it with just water and a cloth. Its weight is 720 g/m2 and its abrasion resistance > 150,000 cycles. The material is very durable and resistant, and looks great with the stitching used in the Mannequin chairs. Furniture upholstered with this fabric may easily be placed in public interiors, where they are used a lot.