Discover the new face of sustainable comfort.

Unique furniture is created out with harmony with nature. Not only beautiful, but also practical and full of care for the planet. This is what the Throne chair is like. Majestic, inviting to make yourself comfortable, and at the same time delicate and subtle. It will lovingly embrace you with its shapes and surprise you with the comfort it guarantees. The use of fully ecological, recycled and innovative materials in the production process, such as coconut mat, buckwheat husk, or fabric made from PET bottles, makes the Throne chair not only an aesthetic addition to the interior. It is an expression of awareness necessary to find balance again and feel the harmony of life in harmony with nature.

Return to the roots

The new European Bauhaus is a change in approach to consumerism. A retreat from the ill-considered, emotion-driven and unethical advertising, temporary desire to have items of questionable quality, full of components harmful to people and the world, satisfied. The New European Bauhaus is a consistently implemented process of reducing the carbon footprint. It is a holistic activity, covering the entire product life cycle - from obtaining the necessary raw materials, through energy-intensive production, to appropriate shipping and recycling, when the item returns to nature or changes its state of matter after many years of service.

Longer life cycle

The Throne chair is an expression of following a new path of consumption in line with the assumptions of the New European Bauhas, which is why its long life cycle is confirmed by the Certificate of Conformity No. Z/35-21/BO.

The Eco Passport is available for download in every Throne product card

Fully-Eco raw materials

To produce the Throne chair, we used only materials and technologies that serve both humans and the natural environment.

  • Steel

    It can be processed many times without losing its properties. Producing 1 ton of steel from scrap allows you to significantly reduce air pollution emissions (reduction of carbon dioxide by approximately 80%), reduce electricity consumption (by approximately 86%), save approximately 40% of water and a lot of space in landfills.

  • Powder painting

    The powder coating process uses only paints with certificates and attestations that they do not contain substances harmful to humans, animals and the environment. No harmful solvents are used, and no volatile harmful compounds are released during the entire process, which prevents air pollution.

  • Plywood

    Wood obtained according to FSC standards using aldehyde-free glue.

  • Natural coconut fibers

    The coconut mat used in the Throne chair as an upholstery softening material is an ecological alternative to PU foam, the production and disposal of which is very energy-intensive and is also not recyclable. Natural coconut fibers offer perfect ventilation, flexibility, durability and elasticity; Moreover, their capillary properties provide a natural microclimate that regulates temperature and humidity, ensuring optimal comfort. It is a fully biodegradable vegan raw material that is 100% reusable.

  • Buckwheat husk

    For perfect comfort, we used buckwheat hulls on the back of the chair. This durable material has anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic properties. The buckwheat hull filling naturally adapts to the body position and also has hygroscopic properties. An important feature of these products, mainly due to the presence of tannins, rutin and quercetin, is the inhibition of the development of harmful microorganisms, mites, insect pests, fungi and bacteria.

  • Fabric

    The basic component of the fabric is polyester obtained from recycling PET bottles. About 80 bottles were used for one chair. Recycling polyester reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills, and processing PET bottles reduces CO2 emissions by up to 75% compared to the production of conventional polyester. Polyester can be recycled eight times.