The interiors of the Austrian hotel The Comodo are delightful!

The interiors of the Austrian hotel The Comodo are delightful!

We invite you on a journey to the picturesque Austrian town of Bad Gastein, where you'll find an extraordinary place, The Comodo hotel, with a space that will make you feel at one with the enchanting Alpine nature.

The Alps inspire

The mountain peaks and valleys of the Alps serve as both a prelude and a source of what we will find inside this extraordinary building. Warm, natural interiors with a mountainous atmosphere, seasoned with a touch of comfortable modernity – one could describe the dominant style within the interiors of The Comodo hotel in one sentence. However, here, nothing is obvious, and every smallest detail is a perfect piece of a puzzle whose aim is to feel unity with the surrounding nature. To breathe away from the everyday hustle and chaos. To gain perspective.

The Comodo x Iker

The project by the Berlin-based weStudio is an exemplary model of how interior design can and should influence the environment, and vice versa. This harmonious integration of nature into living spaces ensures not only aesthetics but also balance and tranquility. Utilizing good-quality materials is fundamental for the projects. Furniture should primarily be comfortable and functional. Chairs and stools from the Cheri collection proved to be the perfect complement to hotel spaces, both communal areas like the dining room or bar, as well as private ones like guest rooms.

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