House in Poznań's Strzeszyn

House in Poznań's Strzeszyn

A house in Poznań's Strzeszyn, situated in beautiful natural surroundings: greenery outside, young birch trees. Architecturally inscribed in nature, with glazed windows that allow you to interact with it at any time of the year.

It was important for Investors and Designers not to dominate these "natural images" with the interior style. So they opted for a simple, minimalist style, filled with natural materials and colors. Here, the view outside the window plays the first fiddle, while the interior is the setting for it.

A family of five - parents and three children - lives in the house. The ground floor is a space where everyone feels at ease, a place where people can spend time together. On the first floor, there are bedrooms, i.e. the private area of ​​each family member.

The layout of the living room has an enfilade character - this is how functional zones are separated. So we have an active relaxation zone - with a spacious library, TV and music equipment, a relaxation zone - by the fireplace, on comfortable armchairs, and a dining room that connects to the kitchen.

What binds this composition together is the color - a non-obvious shade of blue, falling into green tones. It appears all over the house, in unusual places - it is a kind of joke, in this simple interior.

And thus, blue is the modular sofa - with striped elements for liveliness. The colors and types of modules have been selected in such a way that you can play with them. By rearranging in various configurations, to adjust to the function needed at any given moment. On a daily basis, however, the sofa creates a comfortable corner facing the TV zone, and a long chaise longue, from which you can admire the view outside the window, while warming up by the fireplaces.

In the middle of the day zone there is a blue cube - there is a toilet hidden within, while a blue door faced behind the wall - hides the entrance to the basement. The central shape is surrounded by a quarter-round skirting board - it is also painted in the color leading for the interior. The blue strip appears throughout the house, emphasizing the light, resinous floor in a non-obvious way.

Almost all furniture in this space has been designed and made to individual order. As a result, they are consistent with each other, and their colors perfectly match the other elements of the interior. For functional reasons, the top and "wooden" elements in the furniture housing are made of laminated HPL board. The exception is the table - spacious, three meters wide, it will accommodate a large family. The table top is made of raw oak wood, the legs are made of steel, also painted blue. The table is placed in the line of the kitchen island - both shapes have similar proportions. Apart from the cooking function, the island also serves as a table on a daily basis. Here can children sit, watching their mother at work, and here is also a place for fun and learning. Hence, the shelves hidden under the table top - for storing toys, games and children's books - are close at hand, although apparently hidden.

Designers from the KASIA ORWAT DESIGN office always try to smuggle as many elements from local designers into the interior as possible. This is also the case in this project. So we have a Modalto sofa, Iker chairs and bar stools, and a Hoom table.

Lighting also deserves attention. Adjusted to the functional layout of the interior, also arranged in a linear manner, illuminating each zone separately. The base lamps have been mounted on rails - thanks to this, you can freely control them, placing them exactly where they are needed in any furniture configuration. Simple white lamps with a wooden element hang above the table and above the island. They hang in a straight pattern, in two sizes - similar, but still different - like the furniture over which they shine.

The entire space is open and bright, adapted to the nature of the house and the view outside - they form a whole. This house is a place where you can relax well and spend time together - it is conducive to being together, but also allows you to spend time apart.

You can see Mannequin chairs HERE

You can see Mannequin 01 barstools HERE


interior design: KASIA ORWAT DESIGN


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