Cheri chairs in the interior of a Wrocław apartment

Cheri chairs in the interior of a Wrocław apartment

Upholstered chairs for the living room

The presented project is the result of cooperation that we always dream of! Our client's unconventional and bold look at her own space, combined with great trust and openness, resulted in a multitude of unusual materials, solutions and combinations. Our main goal was to go beyond the prevailing patterns while maintaining a coherent and homely character of the space. We escaped from the ubiquitous white, using darker but warm colors and breaking them with strong colors. The entire interior is full of seemingly difficult to combine materials, but thanks to great attention to detail and geometric consistency - it creates a coherent effect.

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We wanted the interior to be balanced and non-aggressive despite the multitude of details and materials. Following this path, we used many subtle measures, breaking the patterns and forcing ourselves to look from a new perspective at the materials and furniture used. This is how the idea emerged of ​​cutting some tiles in the hall along a diagonal. Suddenly, the simple, concrete-like floor took on a completely new character. The black wall of the kitchen has been broken by a gray, delicate island which, thanks to its metallic legs and brass lamps, looks more like a chest of drawers than the fully functional kitchen island it is. Thanks to this, the kitchen "enters" the living room in an unobtrusive way, and despite the fact that it has a lot of working space and using it is very comfortable.

Text: Formea ​​studio, photo: Formea ​​Studio


Formea ​​Studio is an interior design studio from Wrocław, Poland run by the duo of Natalia Kucharska and Piotr Sokolnicki. As they say themselves: when designing they put a lot of emphasis on individualism and avoiding the beaten paths - each project is a new story, a new challenge and new patterns to be broken. Their hallmark is great attention to detail - it allows you to bring out from the interior this undefined "something" that makes the space memorable and gives it character.

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