Mannequin chairs in an apartment for a family

Mannequin chairs in an apartment for a family

- We started the project when the building was still under construction - says architect Joanna Morkowska-Saj from SAJE Architekci. – A perfect situation, perfect for a designer and investor, because both construction and installation changes were possible. And so we started innovating - she recalls.

- The lower level of the apartment is a day zone with a living room, kitchen, bathroom and hall with an open staircase. This is also where the hosts’ bedroom is located. The space was arranged in such a way as to accommodate as many cabinets and lockers as possible, and at the same time not to suffocate the space. "Cupboard" is the second name of this project - laughs Joanna Morkowska-Saj. - The upper level of the apartment is occupied by children - their three bedrooms and a bathroom. On 33 square meters, it was possible to arrange rooms so that everyone had their own asylum. This was what the customers cared about the most. Of course, there was a fight for every inch of space!

Even the thickness of the partition walls mattered. An important issue had also become the elimination of radiators for underfloor heating and the replacement of traditional doors with sliding ones. The interior is unpretentious, in soft colors of white and natural wood with stronger accents in the form of turquoise and navy blue Mannequin chairs, as well as mustard and dirty pink pillows and rugs.

Mannequin 01 chairs in all available colors can be seen HERE

photo: foto & mohito

text: Aniela Serek

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