Cheri's chair on Wilcza Street

Cheri's chair on Wilcza Street

The Cheri chair contributes to the stylish interior of a pre-war apartment on Wilcza street, Warsaw, Poland. Here are photos from the session prepared for the magazine “Good Interior” ("Dobre Wnętrze").

"(...) A married couple of managers arranged a small apartment in a revitalized Warsaw tenement house, which was bought at the end of the 19th century by the son of a November insurgent. They treat it as a work of art and live in it from time to time - when they want to feel the spirit of old Poland. Above the kitchen table: lamps from the 1960s, designed by Carl Thore (Set). Bookshelves made of industrial steel, ordered by the owners from a company that Edyta spotted at the Fair of Nice Things – Steel-Design Patrycja Jezierska.

Above the TV set, a picture by Anka Mierzejewska XY. The motif refers to the decor of the wallpaper in the bedroom (photo on the last page). Under the TV set, there is a TV cabinet by TAMO (a manufacture from the Tri-City producing proprietary solid oak furniture). The carpet bought in Meubles de Charme (chenille cotton "antiqued" with polyester), the green chair "Cheri" by Iker, the roundness of its seat alludes to the surviving fragments of the pre-war interior architecture (...) "

Photo by Marcin Czechowicz, text: Piotr Baran, styling Magda Kazimierczuk. "Good Interior" magazine, special issue of “Styl & Klasyka”, no. 02/2018


The magazine is available in good press salons.

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