Cheri chairs in the LIM studio

Cheri chairs in the LIM studio

The Cheri designer chair shapes the atmosphere in the interior of the LIM design studio located in a 100-year-old tenement house in Warsaw, Poland. See an example arrangement using our chairs.

The LIM studio is located in the Warsaw Śródmieście district at Poznańska str. 16. A beautiful, revitalized tenement house that is over 100-years-old, has a glass patio inside. Inside, we will find an art gallery, and above it, the LIM architectural studio.


The mint chair pictured below is the Cheri Velours Mint. The legs are made from a full metal bar, which ensures high durability and stability of the chair. The design was created with the ergonomic shape and healthy positioning of our spine in mind. Pleasant support for the elbows has a positive effect on the comfort of sitting and using the chair, for example in a conference room or office.

Cheri chair in the LIM studio

The interior of the LIM studio completely differs from the architecture of the pre-war building, while the clean, harmonious interior fits in with the character of the atmospheric tenement house. The dominant color is noble white broken with black. The monochrome interior is complemented by mint Cheri chairs and other elements in unconventional pink.

photo: Ayuko Studio

 The LIM architectural studio was established in Warsaw, Poland. The founder and the main architect is Kamila Szamot, a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning of the Silesian University of Technology. The name LIM is an abbreviation of the famous maxim "less is more". Minimalism, simplicity and purity of form are the hallmarks of a studio that specializes in private and public interior design.

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