Advice from an architect: Kasia Orwat Design

Advice from an architect: Kasia Orwat Design

The design studio of KASIA ORWAT DESIGN is located in Poznań, Poland. It specializes in designing private interiors and public spaces. 

Designs of the studio are characterized by consistency in simplicity and the assumption that this function should be the overriding guideline for the interior. Interior designs coming from the studio are therefore primarily useful and functional. "Functional above all, and pretty comes out spontaneously."


 Aniela Serek: What spaces do you like to design the most? Are they family houses or are they metamorphoses of flats that have lost their charm?

Kasia Orwat: At the moment, the variety of orders, the lack of monotony is the best stimulus for creativity and a driving force for non-standard activities. We enjoy large sizes of apartments with interesting budgets, commercial or office spaces with a modern approach to functions and style, but metamorphoses are still the best design challenge for us. It's like the transformation of an ugly duckling into a swan, the effect pleases you twice.


 A.S .: Could you name the three most important functions that we should fulfill when designing both small and large rooms?

K.O .: The functionality of the interior is the main design idea, and “pretty comes out spontaneously”, we say so defiantly to our clients. When cutting the interior in a functional way, we remember to fill it with furniture as little as possible, with optimal storage zones. But it should be mentioned that when designing, we start a conversation with the client about the so-called need to eliminate unnecessary goods. It is important not to put unnecessary furniture in which we store unused things and which take away valuable space in the apartment. Valuable because we usually have fewer of them than we needed and they cost us a lot of sacrifices. The main function for us is the so-called designing spending time together in the family, i.e. focusing on functionality and good use of the space of the day zone, living room, kitchen and dining room. Often, these three zones should be fitted into only a dozen or so meters.


A.S.: How to give character to home interiors without causing confusion or a stylistic mess?

K.O .: The recipe is: a good, harmonious base that adapts nicely to the passing years. Good, timeless flooring and door joinery. We are often lost when we play with styles. An average Polish woman says Scandinavian, Provencal style, not knowing the basic elements characteristic for them, not being aware that their colors are not working at the source, they are not assigned to our climate and needs. To sum up, when we keep color and style moderation in the basic elements of the interior, we allow ourselves to go crazy in accessories, we can sleep peacefully for years, without experiencing the stress of "I don't like my house".

 A.S .: What are your problems when designing kitchen-dining rooms? Is it worth combining these two spaces?

K.O .: I like to design kitchens the most. In this space, I feel most effective and, in a way, I do not experience any problems, and each new kitchen order is a challenge and a pleasure to prove myself. First, I cut out a function, usually on a limited size, then I take into account the habits and dreams of my clients. I consider the budget when we start working with the finishing material and the selection of systems. I always try to make each subsequent kitchen unique, really made-to-measure, like a shirt with an anagram from a tailor. The dining room and table are essential elements of the day zone. If there are limitations - we rely on folding tables, connect them to the island, often raising them to the level of the kitchen worktop, then they are used twice, for sitting and preparing meals as an extension of the kitchen worktop.


 A.S .: What do you consider when choosing furniture for a given interior? What product features are the most important in the home space?

K.O .: They are supposed to please their owners and serve them. So in our choices we are guided by functional needs, the possibility of storage when we think about hard furniture, convenience and comfort, coziness, in case of upholstered furniture. We like to work with well-established carpenters and manufacturers. We often search for niche manufactories and support family businesses that are present on the Polish furniture market.


A.S .: How often do you use products from Polish producers when arranging interiors? Is there something that distinguishes them from the wide range of foreign furniture available in our country? ?

K.O.: Polish design, local supplier, producer is my priority in purchasing choices. I tell my clients and remind myself to "spend money where you earn it". And we have plenty to choose from, we are a powerhouse in the furniture industry and we have very talented designers. Polish Design is developing beautifully.


A.S.: What made you choose furniture from the Mannequin collection to decorate your home in Poznań's Strzeszyn?

K.O.: The MANNEQUIN model had several attributes that allowed us to close the living area consistently and stylistically. The table was from a Polish friendly supplier, a similar direction of searching occurred in the case of chairs. In addition, from the very beginning, Investors assumed a mix of different chairs at the table. After all, we wanted to calm down the interior. MANNEQUINS - supposedly equal, but thanks to different quilting of the upholstery, each one is different. The possibility of choosing matching stools was also important. The stools fit perfectly, and the possibility of height adjustment is the best solution for children of all ages. We also took up the challenge with the upholstered seat, knowing that the fabric used can be easily cleaned. The design of the chairs was not without significance. The unusual form of the legs refers to the line of the table base. Together, they create an interesting composition that introduces dynamism to an apparently subdued interior.


Kasia Orwat Design about herself:

“The man people believe has power; he has double power if he believes in himself.”

“KASIA ORWAT - home design”, as even my sons say about me

In the world of HOME DESIGN / INTERIOR DESIGN, I had been working for years, as a hobby and to satisfy my sub-consciousness, until the moment came when in 2011 I translated my passion into my professional life.

Art is a relative concept, perhaps that is why I do not define the results of my actions in this way. I prefer to call myself a good craftsman with an original sense of aesthetics.

Professionally, apart from completing postgraduate studies in Interior Architecture, I have solid knowledge and extensive experience in marketing and sales, supported by work with exclusive and FMCG. Creating a product and service in the Design Management process is very close to me.

I am not afraid of challenges and limitations in my work, because when properly treated, they stimulate creativity and development. Poznań's thrift, pragmatism, and the idea of ​​supporting local initiatives are for me the values ​​that I promote at the professional level and in my private life.

Domestic minimalism, austerity and softness combined into one - this is how others characterize my interior. I say: “Functional above all, and pretty comes out spontaneously.”


The design studio of KASIA ORWAT DESIGN is located in Poznań, Poland.

It specializes in designing private interiors and public spaces. Designs of the studio are characterized by consistency in simplicity and the assumption that this function should be the overriding guideline for the interior. Interior designs coming from the studio are therefore primarily useful and functional.

“Functional above all,  and pretty comes out spontaneously.”

We tailor the interiors to the needs of investors, at the same time adjusting to budget assumptions - with typical Poznań thrift.


interior design: KASIA ORWAT DESIGN


text: Aniela Serek, Iker Press Service

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